‘They’re Outside’ Trailer Conjures Supernatural Scares Inside Your Home This Halloween

parimalOctober 20, 2021

They’re Outside trailer brings us a new vision of terror from directors Airell Anthony Hayles & Sam Casserly, starring Hellraiser‘s Nicholas Vince. Just in time for Halloween. The story is about a famous psychologist who is filming a documentary about an agoraphobic woman. However, while doing so, they are surrounded and drawn into supernatural events. Take a look at one of this fall’s sure to be scariest movies with They’re Outside.

They’re Outside stars Emily Booth (Grindhouse, Event Horizon), Tom Clayton-Wheatley (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), and Christine Randall (9, Full Moons). They’re Outside is available October 29th (right before Halloween) on digital from Terror Films.

Recently director Airell Anthony said that when he was growing up, he found out that his uncle had agoraphobia, a condition that really fascinated him. Needless to say, this story stuck with him throughout the years. And the directors wanted to make a supernatural thriller similar to The Sixth Sense, and Picnic at Hanging Rock. The idea was there, and part of the story as well, but connecting the two ideas proved to be more difficult than they thought.

They're Outside poster

They’re Outside was the result when the question was asked, ‘What if a person’s agoraphobia was linked to supernatural events rather than being a purely psychological condition? And what if nobody believed them?’ The idea makes the possibilities endless, and also makes for a great scary suspenseful film.

The first draft was written and the film began to take shape, quickly coming to life. After some re-writes and mood adjustments, They’re Outside became what it was truly meant to be. Crossing over a mental condition with supernatural themes is something that not only has been a question of major studies for years, but also a theme amongst other films. The idea that someone wants to stay in the safety of their own home for fear that something dark and evil is waiting for them outside their door, is both real and scary. What if you did open the door to a world of supernatural beings waiting for you? What if the house was the safety net, and yet people were trying to make you go outside or leave it? 

It really does bring up the question, “What if nobody was cray or suffering from a condition? What if they were telling the truth and nobody believed them?” What do you think of the trailer? The concept is great and any new movies for Halloween are always good thing. I mean, who doesn’t need more movies to keep them up at night and freak them out?

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