‘The Drover’s Wife’ Trailer Reimagines ‘The Legend of Molly Johnson’

parimalJuly 6, 2021

The trailer for The Drover’s Wife is promising a fascinating period drama, reimagining the classic short story penned by Henry Lawson into a thrilling adventure. Henry Lawson’s tale was about a woman’s struggles to keep her family safe. The woman fights against a snake that has been dwelling through her house as she figures out a way to keep it away from her children.

The snake was a representation of all the issues a single mother living in isolation must go through. The Drover’s Wife big screen adaptation reimagines those struggles in the form of turmoil with local authorities, a convict at loose, and suspected foul play against the lady’s husband.

Set in 1893 Australia, the film chronicles the life of Molly Johnson. Her husband is a drover, who is out with the livestock for six months. Molly is expecting her fourth kid and is now in charge of the household, as well as her kids’ safety. But the harsh realities of the area take a toll on her and she is forced to unleash her fierce side in order to keep her land, her house, and her kids.

The trailer features Molly dealing with a loose convict, Yadaka, who she gradually begins to trust as he helps her around the house. Meanwhile, the local ruling authorities have appointed Nate Clintoff as the town’s sergeant, who crosses paths with Molly. While her association with Yadaka, and resistance against her choices from the local police, has already placed her in an aggravating situation, she is further pushed down with news that her husband has failed to join his fellow drovers, who arrive at Molly’s looking for him.

Now, her association with a convict and her husband’s disappearance has taken a deadly turn, which will have severe repercussions. Entangled in a war-like scenario with her intense situations, Molly must lay down her conscience and resort to savagery in order to protect herself and her kids. Will she win her battles or will she succumb to her own mental and physical instability? That’s what her legend is about!

The film stars Leah Purcell, an AACTA Award Winner, in the lead role as Molly Johnson. Leah has been associated with Henry Lawson’s work for a while now. She earlier adapted the story into a stage play in 2016, and wrote a novelization of the same in 2019. Purcell has now adapted her own novel into a feature film on-screen. The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson also stars Rob Collins, Sam Reid, Jessica de Gouw, and Benedict Hardie. Craig Bourke, Anthony Cogin, Harry Greenwood, and Nicholas Hope also appear.

+Leah Purcell, besides starring in the lead role, has also written the film’s screenplay and has helmed directorial duties as well. Though the film draws parallel from Lawson’s story, it’s nowhere connected to it. There is hardly any resemblance to the short story in the trailer besides the crux of the central plot. The film’s setting in a colonized Australian territory, located deep in the bushes, seems to have a huge impact on the plot as it looks visually very impressive. Besides, the trailer is strongly reflecting Leah’s impeccable performance, which should be a theatrical treat for the audience. The Drover’s Wife: The Legend Of Molly Johnson will be released in theaters at a yet undecided date.

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