‘She Paradise’ Trailer: Sparkle Dances Her Way Into Big Trouble and Tough Choices

parimalOctober 22, 2021

The movies keep coming out as things slowly start to return to normal. The newest coming of age movie She Paradise has a brand new trailer. This dance drama stars Onessa Nestor, Kimberly Crichton, Chelsey Rampersad, Denisia Latchman and is directed and written by Maya Cozier with additional writing from Melina Brown.

In She Paradise, we meet a 17-year-old girl named Sparkle (Onessa Nestor) who discovers a free spirited group of Soca dancers at a car show in the streets of downtown Trinidad. Immediately she becomes excited and open to the idea of sisterhood and decides to use her smarts to convince them to take her under their wing. It works because the new group of women bring Sparkle into a wild nightlife of partying, glamour, and money. Of course it’s not all fun and fame. As things spiral out of control, Sparkle is forced to make some tough decisions.

She Paradise will be available in theaters and On Demand as well as Digital starting November 19th 2021. The film has a run time of 71 minutes and no official rating has been released. But based on this story I would guess it’s PG or PG-13. Can’t see it having an R rating.

This movie originally was a short, but after some success, they quickly decided to turn it into a full feature feature. Like most coming of age dance films, the dance and music is key to pushing the story along it’s way. This film focuses a lot on the dance and music of the story. 

She Paradise poster

Watching the trailer, the director really wanted to capture the true feelings and meanings behind this style of dance. The filmmaker, Maya Cozier, works really hard while making her feature directorial debut after a few other short films previously. The screenplay is written by Melina Brown and Maya Cozier. This was initially chosen to premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival last year and like so many others, the pandemic delays got the best of it. 

Although this story might seem familiar to some with such movies as Step Up, The Last Dance and more, this particular film goes into a style and world that we really haven’t seen much of. A culture that hasn’t been explored very much in film, and I think that is what they really wanted us to see and capture with the story, scenery, music and of course dance. So if dance and music is your thing, this is the next movie that you should be adding to your list.

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