‘Resort to Love’ Trailer: A Comedy About an Aspiring Pop Star Comes to Netflix

parimalAugust 1, 2021

This past week has seen the wide release of Netflix’s latest mid-budget romantic comedy, Resort to Love, which premieres worldwide on the streaming service on Thursday July 29th 2021. Singer and actor Christina Milian (Grandfathered, The Oath) stars as Erica, a recently dumped singer who takes a gig on a gorgeous tropical island to get over her man… only to find him at the same resort, preparing for an island wedding with his new fiancée. What were the odds of that happening? It’s unprecedented!

Briefly touching on the defunct relationship to sketch out the back story, the trailer flings us straight onto the island without much more fanfare – which, given the kind of gorgeous backdrop Mauritius provides for a film like this, is no hardship at all. Erica meets a hot new guy (on her first day… who turns out to be her ex-fiancé’s brother, and points out the man himself, new lady in tow, making arrangements for his wedding. To make matters worse, Erica is co-opted into singing at the happy couple’s reception, while sparks are striking with the brother (who seems like a better proposition all round, frankly). The scene is set for some light frothy comedy, a few pratfalls, misunderstandings and inconsequential heartbreaks, followed by a feelgood resolution for all the right people.

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This is Milian’s second rom-com for Netflix, after 2019’s Falling Inn Love opposite man of the moment Adam Demos. Alongside Milian, Resort To Love co-stars Sinqua Walls (American Soul, Otherhood), Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharaoh, Alexander Hodge, Jeryl Prescott, Karen Obilom, T.J. Power, Tymberlee Hill, Christiani Pitts, Sylvaine Strike, Jeremy Boado and Kayne Lee Harrison. Directed by television journeyman Steven K. Tsuchida from a screenplay by relative newcomers Tabi McCartney and Dana Schmalenberg, this project represents the biggest project to date from these creators, and is produced by none other than Alicia Keys via her AK Worldwide production label.

This kind of movie lives or dies on the ability of its cast to lift it above the average, and while Tsuchida’s movie clearly intends to leverage Milian’s charisma alongside her singing chops to make Erica as charming a rom com lead as possible, there’s no doubt that the mostly POC supporting cast are talented and beautiful enough to make it work. However, it’s surprising that the plot gets away with lifting so much from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the hit 2008 comedy written by and starring Jason Segel, which also featured a recently dumped musician heading to a tropical paradise to get over his relationship, only to find her vacationing there with her new boyfriend with the ensuing awkward/hilarious hi-jinks. Forgetting Sarah Marshall spawned the spin-off hit Get Him To The Greek, starring Russell Brand’s character from the movie, rock star Aldous Snow.

Check out the trailer to make your mind up for yourself as to whether Resort To Love will be a different enough film to distinguish itself from its well-known predecessor. Resort To Love premieres worldwide on Netflix on Thursday July 29th 2021.

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