‘Out of Death’ Trailer: Bruce Willis & Jaime King Fight Dirty Cops in the Wilderness

parimalJune 28, 2021

Mike Burns, who also composed the film, has directed his first feature hitting the big screen with the crime thriller Out of Death.The film shows a corrupt Sheriff’s department in a rural mountain town that comes undone when an unintended witness (Jaime King) throws a wrench into their shady operation. For WIllis and King, “Justice is a moving target,” as they take on the small cop shop who is about to have their lucrative side business exposed.

The trailer shows retired cop Jack Harris’ (Bruce Willis) solace in the remote wilderness being hijacked when he encounters a lone hiker, Shannon (Jaime King), who’s on the run from dirty police. Determined to help her at any cost, Jack must tap into his killer instincts to survive the wilderness and the human predators within it.

Director Mike Burns said that they planned to have Bruce Willis shoot all of his scenes across several days. However, due to COVID-19 shutdowns, Willis could only be on set for one day. Therefore, Mike filmed all of Bruce Willis’ scenes in a single day; the entire film was shot in just nine days. Layla Kent, as Billie Stanhope, the dirty cop, shared the nine day shoot. The official synopsis from ILY FIlm explains.

“Still grieving the untimely death of her father, photojournalist Shannon Mathers (Jamie King) spreads his ashes in the woods when she witnesses a cop (Lala Kent) shooting and killing an unarmed henchman during a drug deal. She captures the whole scene on her camera before being discovered. Shot at, scared, helpless and on the run, she races her way through the woods with no recognition of her location. Distracted by the violent noise of the attack, Jack Harris (Bruce Willis) a newly retired police officer who is relaxing at his cabin, saves Shannon just in time and the two narrowly escape into the woods. Not sure of whom she can trust, as more dirty cops arrive to help hunt her down, including the brutal town sheriff Hank Rivers (Michael Sirow), she decides to rely on Jack, her only real chance to fight back the corrupt police and bring it to justice.”

Bruce Willis and Lala Kent have appeared in four movies together in two years: Trauma Center, 10 Minutes Gone, Hard Kill, and Out of Death.

Out of Death poster

ILY FIlms are set to release their latest action thriller, Out of Death on Digital Download on August 2 and on DVD on October 4. And if you can’t wait for some more Bruce Willis in your life, you can catch him in the much anticipated thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass on July 23. He stars along side Meagan Fox, Emile Hirsch, Machine Gun Kelly, Michael Beach, and Lukas Haas, directed by Randall Emmett, known for The Irishman. The film tells the story an FBI agent and Florida State officer team that up to investigate a string of unsolved murder cases. Switchgrass will be a reunion for Emile Hirsch, Bruce Willis and Lukas Haas who previously starred together in Alpha Dog.

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