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parimalNovember 19, 2021

By MW Staff

This final reveal trailer released late last month offers fans a good idea of what to expect from the action-heavy romp before it hit theatres.

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A popular fan theory links the Christmas classic Home Alone to the grizzly horror franchise Saw in that both protagonists subject their victims to cruel traps. And it may have been on the back of his mind when David Hackl, best known for his work on the Saw franchise, set out to make an action thriller in time for the Christmas season.

Dangerous is light on the slapstick traps but it does focus heavily on Scott Eastwood’s recently discharged sociopath Dylan ‘D’ Forrester defending a family home from an onslaught. Replacing the complex rigging with some high octane gunfights and a healthy splattering of explosives.

This final reveal trailer released late last month offers fans a good idea of what to expect from the action-heavy romp before it hit theatres. Harkening back to the classic lone wolf action hero archetype that has provided the basis for so many greats of the genre as well as launching a few household names in the process. Eastwood’s D is a one-man army as he attempts to protect his family from a group of violent thugs.


D is out on parole under the watchful eye of FBI agent Shaughessy (Famke Janssen) when he disappears off the radar and heads for a remote island that harbors his sister-in-law’s family home. Shaughessy enlists the help of D’s quirky psychiatrist (Mel Gibson) who has a direct line to D after helping through a lot of the issues that saw him incarcerated.

It’s brought to light that D’s brother Shaun Forrester recently died, with D having attended the funeral in an attempt to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding his brother’s demise. Washington State police officer sheriff McCoy (Tyrese Gibson) is the first to intercept the fugitive with the intent to hand him over to the FBI.

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Things take a turn sideways though when the boat that arrives on the island to seemingly collect D is instead harboring a group of hostile and heavily armed mercenaries. D has no choice but to lock down the house and attempts to defend it through the night until the proper authorities arrive. Fortunately, the property appears suspiciously well-equipped for such an encounter leading D to dig even deeper into what his relatives had been up to.

With the counsel of his trusted psychiatrist on the phone, D is let loose with heavy artillery and he fights tooth and nail for his family’s lives against the invaders. The trailer offers a great peek at some of the action fans can expect from the thriller and it looks as though it will not disappoint. One set piece, in particular, takes place on a light gunboat that is docked on the island, with D taking over the ship’s mounted gun and laying waste to the boathouse around him.

It’s not made clear from this final trailer what exactly the invading men want but it’s sure to tie close to the mystery surrounding D’s brother and his sudden death. With a good amount of entertainment value on offer, Dangerous could be something of a diamond in the rough for theatergoers this Christmas season. Dangerous is available in theatres now.

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