‘Jungle Run’ Trailer Gives Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ the Mockbuster Treatment It Deserves

parimalJuly 23, 2021

The jungle is not the best place to be lost in. And these two siblings are about to find out just why. In the latest ‘MockBuster’ ( this one based off of Disney’s Jungle Cruise), we see a brother and sister on a search for their professor father, who goes missing in the jungle after discovering what appears to be a glowing rock in the shape of a triangle. We see him briefly in the Jungle Run trailer touching the strange rock before it lets out a high pitched sound. Then we see the camp being attacked by ants and other creatures.

Upon arriving at the abandoned camp, the missing father’s children soon realize that the jungle has plans for them. Something dark and sinister is behind their dad’s disappearance. As the search continues, they are attacked by jungle animals at a relentless rate. Giant snakes, dart frogs, piranha and of course spiders. Not to mention an ancient tribe that wants them, not only dead but, out of their jungle. Oh, and we almost forgot about the man-eating plants that seem to be following them across the Amazon.

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This is a typical mockbuster from The Asylum, so if you are familiar with their films than you know what to expect. The animal attacks are brutal and a few really get creative. But this is a stretch for director Noah Luke who has done work on Seabiscuit, Finding Nemo and Nazi Overload.

Witter Marc Gottlieb, however, has done several mockbusters and similar style movies like Aquarium of the Dead (the third installment in the Zoombies series) and Alien Convergence. Most of these films have been distributed by The Asylum as they are the current leader in mockbusters movie marketplace

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If you aren’t familiar with these movies, The Asylum is an American independent film company and distributor that focuses on producing direct-to-video knockoffs. The company has produced titles that capitalize on productions by major studios, often using film titles and scripts very similar to those of current blockbusters. Not so much a spoof like Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie or Haunted House which focuses more on comedy. These films are more of a serious note that curbs from what came before it. The most famous so far is Sharknado which spawned off six movies and has become somewhat of a cult classic. And even thought that might seem funny to some the franchise brought in a record $4.503 billion in a span of four years. Sharks, tornados and Ian Ziering are money. Guess he is over Kelly these days.

If you don’t feel like taking a Jungle Cruise, Jungle Run is currently out on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Fandango. You can check out the trailer to see all the jungle action for yourself. So will you go deep into the jungle and see what happens? Will you brave the waters infested by crocodiles that will chase you for miles? And will you do this without The Rock?

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