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parimalJuly 26, 2021

 IPL Fantasy League tips

IPL Fantasy League
IPL Fantasy League
With little time left until the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket fans around the world have begun to look forward to what is arguably the largest annual cricket festival. But as fantasy cricket has begun to offer fans in-person gaming in recent years, a huge part of the ongoing hype has to do with the IPL fantasy leagues. The IPL Fantasy League is where cricket experts and dedicated fans alike come up with their own IPL predictions and become part of the action.
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IPL Fantasy League 2020

IPL Fantasy League is actually a virtual game. In this game, participants create their teams using virtual currency. Real players of different IPL teams are assigned virtual value and the goal is to create a team from these players. Obviously, there are restrictions such as limiting the number of foreign players on a team and forcing an unlimited Indian cricketer to be part of the team.
During a tournament, teams are allowed to make a certain number of changes. Virtual members accumulate points based on the results of the players on their team. This includes all aspects of the game such as scoring, taking wickets, holding catches, maintaining a high hit rate, low saving speed, forced run, etc. At the end of the tournament, the participants have a real chance of winning. real prizes or money based on their cumulative points throughout the season.
To play IPL fantasy, you need to register on the official fantasy page. Registering is easy and free. After that, you can choose your username and team name and you’re done.
The basic format is the same as in IPL auctions, where you are given a budget limit of 100 KR. Each player is assigned a cost that will be deducted from your total budget if you decide to add that player to your team. The game has restrictions on adding players to your team, known as IPL Fantasy rules.
Before the tournament starts, you are allowed an unlimited number of changes to your team. But after the first game, the number of free changes is limited, and anything beyond that will require extra points.
There are also daily and weekly challenges to make your experience more fun.

IPL Fantasy Rules

Like any other fantasy tournament, IPL Fantasy also has certain rules. User-generated teams must meet the following requirements.
  1. Minimum one wicketkeeper, maximum of two
  2. A minimum of three batsmen and a maximum of five
  3. At least one station wagon, maximum three
  4. Minimum three bowlers, maximum of five
  5. At least one Indian player with no limit
  6. Maximum four foreign players
  7. Up to seven players from one IPL franchise
Before the deadline for each round, users are allowed up to five free trades. Any additional trades are considered “premium trades”, each worth 10 points.

IPL Fantasy Points System

All players earn 2 points for the participants just for getting into the game of their eleven individual teams.

During a hit, players receive:

  1. 0.5 points per run
  2. 0.5 points per boundary bonus
  3. 1 point per six scored
  4. 4 points for a half-century
  5. 8 points for a century
  6. -2 points if dismissed for a duck

During bowling, players receive:

  1. 10 points per wicket, excluding run-outs
  2. 4 bonus points for taking four wickets in a single match
  3. 8 bonus points for taking five wickets in a single match
  4. 4 points per maiden over

During Fielding, players receive:

  1. 4 points per catch
  2. 6 points per stump/run-out
  3. 4 points per throw leading to a run-out
  4. 2 points per catch leading to a run-out
In addition, the captain appointed by the competitor before each round receives 2x points and the vice-captain receives 1.5x points.

Where to play IPL Fantasy?

You can play the IPL fantasy game on the official fantasy league page created by the IPL. To get to the page, you can simply search for “IPL Fantasy” in your search engine or simply go to – https://fantasy.iplt20.com/tournaments/
The fantasy league portal usually opens 7-10 days before the start of the tournament and remains so throughout the season.

IPL Fantasy Tips & Tricks

Now, while IPL Fantasy is a virtual game designed for entertainment purposes, it can earn you a few prizes like season passes and merchandise if you’re consistent and at the top of the leaderboard. So it’s always good to have some fantastic tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Build a strong team

Since the number of changes available is limited, you may need a strong core team. To create one, you have to look at the current shape of the players, as well as the likelihood of them appearing in each game. For example, captains and vice-captains of all teams are likely to be present in every game of their team.

Focus on the Indian contingent

Although foreign players play an important role, their number in a match is limited. This reduces their chances of being successful in the fantasy league. But it is clear that the team with the best Indian contingent has more chances. And so you should try to create a very strong Indian contingent for your team.

Choose foreign players wisely

You can only choose four foreign players to join your fantasy team. Therefore, you must choose them wisely. The foreign players you choose must be in top shape and must perform well in their recent games. This is because if they cannot work, chances are they will be lost in the next match and cost you valuable changes.

All-Rounders are – GOLD

Take a look at this in terms of earning points. The wagon will most likely play with both the bat and the bowl. This way he can really earn you more points. So you have to use them and add all three valid wagons to strengthen your team.

Uncapped players are rough DIAMONDS

According to the fantasy IPL rules, each team must have at least one player with no limit. No Limit Player is an Indian cricketer who has not played international cricket for India in any format. The points these players cost you are minimal compared to the big guns. But they can be explosive and cheap. If you follow home cricket, you may be able to pick the best for your team.

IPL Fantasy Trivia

1) Who is the winner of IPL Fantasy 2019?

A. The winner of IPL Fantasy 2019 was ARJUN18886VW with 6148.25 points.

2) What will the winner of the IPL Fantasy get?

A. The winner of IPL Fantasy 2019 received autographed memorabilia, IPL Final Flip Coin, Vivo Smartphone, and Big Bazaar vouchers worth 30,000 won.

3) What will the runner-up in the IPL fantasy genre get?

A. Vivo smartphone won second place at IPL Fantasy 2019.
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