Death Valley Trailer: Resident Evil Meets Alien in This Shudder Original

parimalNovember 22, 2021

Shudder has released the trailer for its upcoming indie action-horror Death Valley, and it features monsters, gore, and mayhem aplenty.


Shudder has released the trailer for its upcoming horror film Death Valley, and it’s giving off serious Resident Evil and Alien vibes. The film is about a group of mercenaries who head to an underground facility to rescue a scientist after a secret experiment goes wrong, but find themselves trapped and at the mercy of a terrifying creature. Sounds familiar? But don’t be too quick to judge. Death Valley features some of the best creature designs you’ll ever see in indie horror films. There seems to be plenty of gore and high-octane action as well.

Death Valley is written and directed by Matthew Ninaber, who is best known for playing the titular monster in PG: Psycho Goreman. Ninaber seems to have an inclination towards transforming into bloodthirsty monsters because he’ll be playing one in Death Valley as well. Playing the lead roles in the film are Jeremy Ninaber (Transference), Ethan Mitchell (Transference), and Kristen Kaster (If I Should Die). You can check out the trailer below.


While the minute-long trailer didn’t give away too much information, it did reveal the fearsome monster, and the practical effects look impressive. Like Psycho Goreman, Death Valley is also made on a low budget and features lesser-known actors; however, it doesn’t seek to elicit laughs from the viewers. Instead, Death Valley employs a somber and claustrophobic atmosphere.

Coming to the action and creature designs, the filmmakers have extensively utilized practical effects instead of CGI. The passion and commitment with which Ninaber and team have made Death Valley is truly commendable. As of now, we can only wonder how the movie will fare with the audience. But judging by the trailer, Death Valley promises to deliver all the gore-filled monster mayhem viewers expect from such movies. Here’s the plot synopsis for Death Valley.

“When a secret experiment goes horribly wrong, bioengineer Dr. Chloe (Kaster) becomes trapped inside a secret underground facility. With only 24 hours before a fatal decontamination protocol destroys the entire lab, Chloe deploys an emergency distress signal before a terrifying creature (Matthew Ninaber) of unknown origin can consume what’s left of her. Alerted by the distress beacon, battle-weary guns for hire, Marshall (Mitchell) and Beckett (Jeremy Ninaber), are commissioned to carry out a covert operation to extract the imprisoned scientist. Upon deployment, the team is ambushed by another heavily armed militia hell-bent on finding a way into the compound themselves. Severely outnumbered, the mercenaries find entry to the bunker through an unsealed emergency hatch, only to find themselves in a horrific fight for survival. With time and ammunition running out, the team must locate Dr. Chloe while also navigating the underground maze of corridors before they’re hunted down one by one.”

Shudder has become the go-to streaming platform for horror aficionados in recent years due to its vast and mostly amazing filmography. From arthouse and indie horror films like Host and V/H/S/94 to the Oscar-nominated La Llorona, Shudder is home to several acclaimed movies. Hopefully, Death Valley will prove to be another worthy addition to the streamer’s already impressive roster. Death Valley will be released in North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand exclusively on Shudder on December 9, 2021.

As for those in the mood for more mainstream creature features, be sure to check out Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, releasing in theaters worldwide on November 24.

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