Ankle Biters Trailer Promises Plenty of Sugar, Spice & Mom’s Boyfriend Sliced

parimalNovember 22, 2021

Dating in general is a tough thing, especially when the person you’re seeing already has kids of their own. Some kids don’t want to split up their attention from their parents with the new stranger, and some kids won’t stop if their parent is in danger. For Sean, he’ll be learning that the hard way in the new dark comedy Ankle Biters.

Ankle Biters follows four little girls whose mother begins dating a pro hockey enforcer named Sean. They all move into his cottage for the summer, but then make a horrific discovery. When the girls hear mysterious noises at night and find bruises on their mother the next day, they do a bit of investigating. After finding the toys used in their mom’s rough play, as well as a sex tape, they all come to the conclusion that their new dad is abusing her. This leads them to make the hard decision, the new dad has got to go! What starts off as cute pranks quickly shifts into dark territory, they don’t just want him gone from their lives, they want him to suffer and pay for his deeds. Needles are put into apples, knives are being stashed away, and body parts are thrown into the lake. These girls are on a mission, and it looks like Sean is going to have an unforgettable summer. These kids have plenty of sugar and spice, and just about as much of everything nice when it comes to hiding their murder plot!


The film stars Zion Forrest Lee (One Eyed King, The Expanse) and Marianthi Evans (Max Payne, Defiance) as the adult couple. Playing the sisters are Lily Gail Reid, Violet Reid, Rosalee Reid and Dahlia Reid. The four kids are sisters in real life and use their real names. The film will also have Whose Line is it Anyway? alumni Colin Mochrie as Detective Morton. Others named among the cast are Heidi von Palleske(Starhunter, Starhunter Transformation & Starhunter Redux), Matia Jackett (Crimson Peak), Alex Gordon (Hemlock Grove, Mrs. America) and Michael Copeman (Murdoch Mysteries, Heartland).

The film is directed by Bennet De Brabandere (who’s previous directing credits include the short films Dream, Pig and Grinderman), this will be his feature length directing debut. The film’s writing credits include Brabandere as well as the film’s star, Zion Forrest Lee, for the story. The movie began production in 2019 in Canada and was produced through Flax Films. The film was initially titled Cherrypicker but underwent a name change midway through production.

Ankle Biters is now available by Dark Star on Direct-to-VOD for streaming and on DVD in the US. If you grew up loving movies like The Parent Trap and Home Alone, while at the same time looking for something with a bit more spice and consequences like Scream and Shaun of the Dead, this looks to be up your alley. Just be sure to put the kids to bed first, you don’t want to give them any ideas…

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