Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’ Trailer Slips the Glass Slipper on Camilla Cabello This Fall

parimalAugust 4, 2021

Fairy tales are here forever. Cinderella has already had the live-action Disney remake treatment in 2015 with Lily James filling the titular role. However, this latest Prime Original is set to offer something a little different with a new, more empowered take on the narrative. Expectant fans were treated to their best look at the upcoming feature yet in the latest full trailer.

The 17th-century folk tale is one of Disney’s most beloved classics and Kay Cannon looks to have done an excellent job bringing the story into the modern era. The film will stick to the musical roots established by the Disney version and Cannon has great pedigree in that field. The writer-director is best known for spearheading the Pitch Perfect series.

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Popstar Camila Cabello will play the lead role of Cinderella in what will be her first acting role to date. The singer does have plenty of screen experience in the form of reality TV, not least of which appearing on X-Factor as a part of Fifth Harmony where she was first discovered.

Cabello will be joined by another up and coming star in Nicholas Galitzine who will play the love interest, Prince Robert. As well as a couple of more seasoned musical theatre performers including James Corden who appeared in Cats and Into the Woods, and Broadway royalty Idina Menzel best known for her portrayals of Elphaba in Wicked and Elsa in Frozen.

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Pierce Bronson and Minnie Driver round out the principal cast both also bringing musical experience with roles in Mamma Mia! and The Phantom of the Opera respectively. With such an eclectic group of talents, the film should certainly be no disappointment in the musical sense with original songs written by Cabello, Menzel and Cannon as well as a few pop covers.

The narrative will begin like the typical depiction of Cinderella with her living under the rule of her wicked stepmother (Menzel). Having to clean up after her stepmother and step-sisters for the majority of the day, Cinderella finds solace in her dressmaking. It’s here where the story starts to differ with the character instead being painted as a budding entrepreneur, hoping to start a business, ‘Dresses by Ella.’

The trailer makes this a prominent plot point from the outset with an optimistic Cinderella proclaiming it in the very opening shot. But her ambitions are soon laughed out of the town square by the vendors already present there. The trailer also offers a showcase of Cannon’s comedic stylings that also help modernise the classical setting presenting the protagonist as something of a well-intentioned klutz.

As Cinderella eventually gets to the ball with the help of her ‘fabulous godmother’ she makes an impression on Prince Robert who proclaims his desire to marry her. Unlike in the traditional telling though, Cabello’s Cinderella is not yet ready to settle down and still wishes to pursue her true dreams of being a successful businesswoman. It adds an extra layer of conflict to the final act as she balances the life she wants against the independence she craves.

The trailer leaves the ending up in the air and it remains to be seen whether Cinderella will choose love or success, in a classic head versus heart dilemma. Fans won’t have to wait too long to find out though with Cinderella set to release exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on September 3rd this year.

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